PIM Marketing Literature Prize winner 2016

Creating Value with Big Data Analytics wins the 14th annual Marketing Literature Prize, awarded by the Dutch Platform for Innovation in Marketing (PIM). Quotes from the jury report:

"Many books on big data leave the reader in utter confusion. But that does not apply to this winning marketing book."

"This voluminous book creates value for marketers who want to leverage big data in their day-to-day marketing practice."

"It's elegant explanation how big data creates value for both the firm and the customer is what makes this book unique and valuable."

"The book introduces a clear and integrated model that covers all relevant issues, extensively substantiated from academic literature."

"Special is also that the book is written jointly by authors from both marketing science and marketing practice, offering a compelling combination of theory and practical tools."

"It eliminates the magic and hype around the theme of big data, which suddenly has so many gurus."

"The book also provides guidance to teachers and students who want to master this important topic."

Source (in Dutch): 
Creating Value with Big Data Analytics wint PIM Marketing Literatuurprijs 2016, PIMonline.nl, December 6, 2016